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Easiest way is to connect the two heater hoses together. I would disconnect both heater hoses from the engine, then fabricate a way to connect a garden hose to one of the hoses leading to the heater, then gently turn on water supply for a minute, then attach garden hook up heater core hoses to opposite heater hose and flush again, then reattach both hoses to engine and top off coolant reservoir. The easiest way to check is to feel the heater hoses going into the firewall. Check the hoses from a cold start and check that both hoses get uncomfortably hot at about the same rate. This is a good indication that coolant is flowing.

If the heater core goes out in your vehicle, it may be necessary to bypass it to keep the cooling system working and to keep coolant from pouring into the passenger compartment. Bypassing is not a complicated task, but the correct components must be present to divert the coolant around the heater core successfully. Disconnect the hook up heater core hoses hoses from the firewall side. Both heater hoses will be connected to nipples, which go through the firewall and into the heater core.

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